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Operational Infrastructure

Finance & Payroll

The Trust finance team ensures that we have effective controls in place across our schools giving Heads the reassurance that staff are operating within in the requirements of their budgets, Trust policies and legislative requirements. We run an annual programme of audit across our financial, business and infrastructure services.  The team supports the Board, the Executive Headteacher and Heads of Schools in building effective budgets. We manage infrastructure budgets and contracts at a Trust level and individual schools have the freedom to agree school budgets, focusing on Teaching, Learning and Assessment.  The make-up of the central budgets are reviewed annually with costing methodologies appropriate to the service provided, for example a per head charge for HR and payroll and direct costs of utilities.  The team gives Senior Leaders a flexible line of support that they would otherwise not have.


The Trust offers real opportunities for schools to improve their procurement processes and has an established record of securing benefits through a more joined up approach to procurement.  Whilst we always look to secure financial benefits, we also recognise the value of securing improvements in the delivery of services and supplies that better meet the needs of our schools. 
We have undertaken OJEU compliant tender processes for catering services securing benefits across our schools.  We are also members of purchasing consortiums that allow use to make effective use of Framework Agreements and have run a number of mini-competitions for other contracts which have yielded considerable savings for our schools.

Human Resources

The HR team leads recruitment and appraisal processes for the Trust and develops Trust wide HR policies to ensure a consistent approach across our schools.  Additionally we buy in cost effective external support for Payroll and HR advice to complement the in-house skills and expertise. Since establishment we have implemented an appraisal and review processes for support staff across the whole Trust that allows us to align objectives with the strategic priorities of the Trust.

ICT Systems and Strategy Manager – David Eden

The Trust’s ICT Support Team work across the Trust to manage, upgrade and maintain equipment. Team members make regular scheduled visits to Trust schools and are also able to visit schools at short notice to deal with immediate problems.  The ICT Support Team also maintain all the Trust school’s websites.



Facilities Manager – Matt Muldoon

Our Facilities Manager works with staff across the Trust schools to provide assistance in maintenance, upgrades and building works management.  He makes regular visits to Trust schools and is able to deal with immediate problems. We are able to manage projects and contractors for schools with the Trust.  We have a track record of successful CIF bids delivering real improvements for our schools.

We have Health & Safety leads and a local committee structure to provide oversight for each of our schools.  We have a well-developed approach to facilities management with school level improvement plans agreed and reviewed through the Trust Infrastructure Committee.  We use an electronic asset management system to help us improve our management of assets from laptops and printers to maintenance contracts and the fabric of the building.